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It’s « shinshu » (New Sake, not Sake Nouveau-spare me!) season at long last!
And the first I tasted was a brew by Sugii Brewery in Fujieda City. And what’s more, it is a Yamahai! Yamahai sake, as far as taste is concerned, can wildly vary from brewery to brewery. Shizuoka is no exception.

Suginishiki Honjozo Shizuku Yamahai Shikomi « Kinnosuke »
« Kinnosuke » is actually the first name of the Owner/Master Brewer, Mr. Sugii.
« Shizuku » means that the sake was not pressed but collected as it naturally flowed out.
Rice: Shizuoka Hitomebure and Shizuoka Aichi no Kaori
Rice milled down to 70%
Dryness: +7
Acidity: 2.1 (High)
Alcohol: 19~20 degrees (genshu)
Yeast: No7
Bottled in November 2007

Clarity: very clear
Colour: transparent
Aroma: Ricey, sharpish, salty
Body: fluid
Taste: Sharp. Yamahai taste. Almost salty. Complex. Strong alcohol.
Fruits revealed later: bananas. Tends to turn sweet with food

Overall: due to the high alcohol content, it could almost be drunk as a shochu, although the comparitively soft impression on the palate makes a big difference.
A « macho » sake for people who enjoy their sake with a strong note.