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I have wanted for some time already to taste and find out about a « kuromai/black rice sake ». I was finally able to acquire a bottle during my last trip to Shuzenji in Izu Peninsula.
the sake is called Kuromai Yondai Shikomi Seishu and is brewed by Bandai Brewery.

Rice: kuromai
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Seishu/futsu sake

Clarity: very clear

Color: persimmon orange

Aroma: light, ricey, malt

Body: fluid

Taste: sharpish and tingling. Dry, almost like a shochu/whisky. Malty taste. Dry persimmons.
Gets easier to drink with the next sip.

Overall: A very dry sake, vey macho.
Might be best drunk as « kan/warm ». Goes down well with oily foods as it turns a little sweeter in palate.
Acquired taste?