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On December 7th, the Shizuoka Geeks (somehow) held their fourth Shizuoka Sake tasting Session!
As I mentioned before the Shizuoka Geeks Sessions tend to quickly turn into very raucous affairs, and you do have to take your notes in a hurry (probably the time it would take to open the bottles and taste the first and second glasses before the thing degenerates into serious drinking!).
Were attending: Haruna and Mark Steward, Seiko Kubo, Miki Aoki, Tetsuya « Happy » Nishida and your servant.
Now we tasted the following sake:
hana-shiboritate-junmai.jpg hana-nama-ginjo.jpg takasago-soleil.jpg
Hana No Mai Brewery, Shiboritate Junmai (Hamamatsu City)
Hana No Mai Brewery, Kura dashi Ginjo Nama Sake (Hamamatsu City)
Both bottles were gracefully offered to me by Etsuko Nakamura of Tokyo Foodcast. Than you so much, Etsuko!
Takasago Brewery,Daiginjo « Soleil » (Numazu City)
Reports on the sake tasted coming immediately!

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