Discover the Winter Fish Markets!


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(Aka Yagara, Red Trumpet Fish)

Now is a great time to vist the marine products stands at Fresh Market inside Parche-Shizuoka JR Station!
Let’s look around and see if you recognize all those creatures!

« Aka Yagara »: Red Trumpet Fish. Makes for great sashimi and meuniere. Also called « Karasu Uo/Crow Fish>

« Mako Garei », a local Halibut/Turbot variety. Popular in any part of the World!

« Hata hata » or « Sailfin Sandfish ». Typical of Shizuoka Prefecture. Great served grilled!

« Managatsuo ». Nothing to do with Bonito. Local white-flesh fish, great both as sasimi and grilled!

« Tako » or Octopus. Can be enjoyed, raw, cooked, or pickled. Or in Italina cuisine!

« Uchiwa Ebi ». Goes by the Latin name of « Ibacus ciliatus ». In Japanese means « Fan Prawn ». Very popular as sashimi or pickled!

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