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Bandai Brewery in Shuzenji (Izu Peninsula) is probably the most traditional and probably the oldest in Shizuoka Prefecture (apparently founded in 1497!). It is not always easy to obtain their brews as they tend to disappear on their way from such a distant place! Anyway, last time I visited Shuzenji, I made sure to grab one in spite of my better (worse?) half complaining about all that luggage (I had to carry…)

Futsushu-Seishu/Normal-regular sake
Rice: Shizuoka Jimai (mixture of rices from our prefecture)
Rice milled down to 70%
Yeast: Asociation No 5

Clarity: very clear

Colour: Gold tinge

Aroma: Fruity/fleeting

Body: velvety

Taste: Soft at first. Fruity: almonds. Welcome acidity lingering in mouth.
Tends to change with food. Bitter chocolate appearance.

Overall: Surprisingly pleasant for Futsushu. Easy to drink.
For all its announced dryness, quite soft.
Drunk « nuruma », almonds backed up by increased acidity. Becomes more velvety and finishes with bitter chocolate.
Conclusion: never underestimates a Shizuoka Futsushu!

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