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Kouji Masui, the 7th generation Master Brewer at Masu Ichi Brewery in Shizuoka City has always shown a very independent character in his brewing, in spite of his being a disciple of Denbei Kawamura, the man who revolutionezed Shizuoka Sake.
His recent honjozo is another example of his singular talent:

Masu Ichi Shiboritate Honjozo
Rice milled down to 60%
Bottled in December 2007

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent

Aroma: light. Discreetly fruity, hints of melon and pear

Body: velvety

Taste: Dry, clean touch with a tingle. Fruity: melon.
Turns complex with food.
Dry acidity revealed later with bitter chocolate.
Dryness lingering in mouth.

Overall: Probably a sake more suited to gentlemen.
Easy to drink. Welcome acidity.
Drier and sharper than most Shizuoka Sake.
Dryness disappears with desserts: makes for an interesting discovery.

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