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This is the first bottle tasted by the Tokyo Geeks in December 2007:

Gotemba-Wakamizu by Negami (Kinmei) Brewery, Gotenba City (made with water freely gushing out of a well dug up 550 metres high against Mount Fuji!)
Tokubetsu Junmai
Rice: Gotemba Koyama Rice (local rice)
Rice milled down to 55% (extravagant!)

Melinda Joe writes:
Aroma: low, subtle; alcohol; suggestive of dryness
Flavor: melon on the attack; very dry; hints of rice midway; you really have to search out the sweetness; however, becomes sweeter and fuller with time and heat.
Finish: clean, disappears quickly

I rather enjoyed this crisp, straightforward sake.

This sake didn’t work well with fish; it tasted a little fishy. Saltier food, like the fugu roe, brings out a banana flavor but also bitterness. The worst match was the Chinese bacon. The best match was the yuzu kosho grilled lamb; the sake was able to withstand the spice.

Etsuko Nakamura writes:

This was great sake, but as you can see, we struggled to find good food to match. Maybe, this bottles is good by itself? Like Melinda said, maybe Lamb.

We had Japanese theme for that night thinking they would be good with sake.
1. dried hotaruika from Toyama with bitter sumi
2. fugu kasuzuke from Ishikawa-really really salty, but I have had
enlightenment in the past by paring with dry sake
3. Chinese bacon slices, roasted (bacon cured in Chinese soy and spice)
4. Veg dishes, kabu and satoimo cooked in broth, a bit sweet
5. Sawara marinated with kasu
6. Lamb with yuzukosho(hot with yuzu citrusy sauce)

What would you suggest to match with this bottle?

Dry aroma
Fruity at first with quick finish
With kabu-it masks slight sweet taste of kabu
With dried hotaruika- hotaruika became so unpowerful, I don’t know why
This did not bring out umami
Very salty pickled fugu-becomes sweet, taste banana
Lamb with yuzukosho-ok

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