Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 4-7: Fujinishiki Distillery-Fuji no Shizuoka/Junkinpakuiri


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Finally managed to escape from all the sake and open a new bottle of Shochu fro a friend7s visit during the New Year Holidays!
This particular brew produced by Fujinishiki Brewery/Distillery in Shibakawa Cho does take a bit of explanation, but it is certainly worth it!

Fujinishiki Distillery: Fuji no Shizuku/ Junkinpakuiri-Gold Flakes
Honkaku Shochu
Ingredients: kome/rice. Kouji/yeast. Komekoji/rice yeast. Real gold flakes
Alcohol: 25%
Bamboo Charcoal filtered.

Clarity: very clear
Colour: Transparent
Aroma: Fruity and flowery: Clovers, flowers. vanilla.
Taste: Very clean. Almost sweet: bitter chocolate, vanilla, coffee beans.

Overall: very easy to drink. Lots of flavours and aroma! Best drunk on its own or on the rocks.
My lady friends loved it.
Absolutely extravagant kome/rice shochu!

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