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Umaizura (actually mean Horse Face! The kanji for horse is featured in the address, Mr. Konagai forename and izakaya’s name!) is one of those « kakureya » (hidden spot) that would be impossible to discover without a guide. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this very traditional izakaya by my ne « sake friend », Mr. Koyama who is in the preocess of writing a homepage for the Shizuoka Sake Brewers Association.

umaizura1.jpg umaizura4.jpg umaizura5.jpg

The entrance, once discovered in a dark side street opens onto a very comfy interior replete with traditional and antique Japanese furniture. You have a choice of sitting between a counter where you can have a look at the Shizuoka-style oden (I had to forego them this time!), rooms and corners all with tatami, some with dug space for your legs (expats better request for those), others with cushions on the tatami floor.


Umaizara is still an upper-class of izakaya tendered for the last 8 years by Mr. Konagai who shows great care in choosing the sashimi of the day. All food is cooked with care, whatever the syle, traditional or more modern to satisfy all tastes and appetites:

umaizura3.jpg umaizura2.jpg

One more reason is of course the Shizuoka sake :
Hatsukame (Okabe-Cho) (4 varieties)
Kikuyoi (Fujieda City)
Hana no Mai (Hamamatsu City)
Isojiman (Yaizu City)
This is not an extensively list as it changes regularly. Mr. Konagai will be only too happy to tell you what he has in stock and describe the brands he has on hand.

Now, as I shall have to visit it again for the oden and more sake, expect another article very soon!

Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Baban Cho, 39-3
Tel.: 054-2713636
Business hours: 17:30~?
Closed on Sundays.

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