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Not many breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture are venturing into manufacturing koshu/old sake, and it is a pity. But things are fortunately slowly changing. Eikun Brewery in Yui has come up for some time with quite an extraordinary brew matured for 10 full years from a batch originally conceived in 1963! It certainly does not look like a sake!

Kohaku/ »Ten Maturity »
Alcohol: 26 degrees (!!!!)
Bottled in December 2006

Clarity: Very clear

Colour: Rich dark amber (name of the sake!)

Aroma: Pleasant. A bit pungent. Similar to a Chinese old chum. Almonds

Body: Full, easy on the palate.

Taste: Solid. Tastes like an old sherry. Welcome alcohol.
Persimmon, caramel.
Acidity revealed later on the palate as the dry impresion gains emphasis.

Overall: maybe an acquired taste for some, but very pleasant. Should be drunk like an old sherry or even like a good port.
Goes down well with food.
Heated to about 40 degrees celsius, it becomes very pleasant with hot dishes, especillay « nabe ». Do not forget the high alcohol content. Drink sparingly, or it will hit you!

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