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Please check Shizuoka Gourmet Blog for all the gastronomy in Shizuoka Prefecture!


The Tokyo Sake Meetup Group, the new name for the former Tokyo Geeks met to taste loads of sake at Ichobee, Tokyo on March 1st.
See pictures of the event and read their report and activiies!
Among them were three offerings from Shizuoka Prefecture. They reached Tokyo with no labels to indicate what they were.
Here are the results from that Tasting Meet:

#1, #2, #3 (see introductions below comments):
Comments by Etsuko Nakamura
Mystery Sake from Shizuoka
Melinda brought these sake from Robert-Gilles. Robert-Gilles lives in Shizuoka and loves the area so much and his blog sites are all about Shizuoka including sake. I don’t know anyone who’s more dedicated to their hometown than him! To find out what the three bottles were, please visit Robert Gill’s blog at

Votes: When the group was asked to pick their favorite out of three, this is the result.
5 votes for #1
3 votes for #2
5 votes for #3

My comments:
#1-light, ricey, smooth, tasty
#2- kind of thin like paper and finish quickly, sour, Jocelyn said ceder aroma, Naomi detected bamboo like aroma
#3-sweet, high in alcohol, firm, heavy, nice texture, my pick out of three

Those sake were a bit off the tracks compared to what I sent before, and some people might be surprised to learn what they are in fact!


Kansawagawa Brewery (Yui, Shizuoka City)
Futsushu/Regular Sake
Rice milled down to 70% (absolutely extravagant, but normal for Shizuoka


Sugii Brewery (Fujieda City)
Suginishiki, Junmai Taru Zake (limited edition for 2008 Spring)
Rice milled down to 60%


Shidaizumi Brewery (Fujieda City)
Shidaizumi Hiyaoroshi
Futsusyu/regular sake again but rice milled down to 65% (is there another word stronger than extravagant?)

Well, I understand they were a bit of posers, but tell me when you organize your next Meet and I will send you sake more in harmony with what you all brought!
Cheers! Kanpai! Sante!

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