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Kashimaya has long been an institution In Shizuoka City where its 78-year existence makes it one of the oldest izakaya in town.
It certainly deserves its enormous popularity as it strikes the ideal combination of good food, good drinks and good prices. And smiling service!

It has kept its traditional atmosphere with tatami, wooden counters and decorations.

Their sashimi is top-class (isaki/grouper and katsuo/bonito in above pics) and usually comes from Shizuoka waters. But you had better come early as sashimi is the first item they tend to run out of quickly!

As for other food you will be able to savour izakaya classics as:

broiled liver sticks, negima (Pork and leeks sticks) and tsukune (chicken balls)
But make a point to try their cooked fish, especially tempura:

As any good Shizuoka Izakaya, they do serve local jizake:
Isojiman Honjozo and Daiigunjo
Kokkou Junmai Ginjo (a favourite of mine!)

The kind of place where you easily become a regular as their menu do follow the seasons!

Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Kamiishi cho, Showa Doori, 7-15
Tel.: 054-2523989

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