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As I said in my previous article, I just had the time to taste the 2008 edition of the Junmai Daiginjo concocted by that favourite Brewery of mine, namely Takashima Brewery in Numazu City, at the 2008 Shizuoka Ken Toji Kikizake Kenkyuukai. I chose well!

Takashima Brewery/Hakuin Masamune-Junmai Dai Ginjo
Rice: Komachi
Yeast: Shizuoka NEW-5
Dryness: +3

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent

Aroma: Fruity-Pineapple. Pleasant and discreet

Body: velvety

Taste: Fruity and solid. Bananas, pineapple. Junmai tingle. Easy to drink.

Overall: I’m looking forward to drink with food. A rare case of a junmai dai Ginjo which can be eserved slightly warmed. Lots of strength and personality.

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