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The Hamamatsu Geeks held their 5th Shizuoka Juizake Tasting Session on Friday March 21st in their usual locale in Hamamatsu City!

3 brews were on the menu:
Hatsukame Brewery (Shida Gun, Okabe Cho): « Okabe Maru » Junmai
Oomuraya Brewery (Shimada City): « Sake Rock » Futsushu Genshu
Morimoto Brewery (Kikugawa City): « H. Morimoto » Junmai Genshu Muroka Fujihomare.

Reports coming soon!

The next sessions are scheduled on April 18th (featuring brews from Hamamatsu-Tenjingura Brewery) and May 23rd (featuring brews from Hana no Mai Brewery). In both cases representatives of the Breweries will be in attendance!

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