Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (8)

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The Missus has recently found these cheap hard plastic bento boxes which come into all kinds of sizes and are so practical to use, wash and carry around. Lids are very secure. No danger of spilling or oozing anything out!

Today’s (Tuesday!) bento was very Springlike!

Three smallish “o-musubi/rice balls”, one tipped with “konbu/sweetened seaweed” (bottom middle), another one with “furikake/dried seasoning mixture” (bottom right) and the last one with “umeboshi/salted plum”.
Cherry tomatoes and fresh mini-cucumbers (the latter on a bed of sweet miso paste) for fresh vegetables.
The other cut vegetables, soft pimentoes, peas in their pods and mini onion had been steamed with the “ika shuumai/cuttle-fish dumplings” (from Hokkaido) sprinkled with “tobikko/flying fish roe”
I used the wasabi dressing in my office fridge to season the veg.

Love Spring!