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Just visited Katayurimo, another new Izakaya in Shizuoka City owned by the young enterprising Yukata Mori:

From top to bottom, left to right:
« Katsuo/bonito » from Shizuoka Prefecture. Soft, tender and juicy!
« Saba/mackerel ». Great freshness, no « fishy » taste whatsoever and plenty of « fat »!
« Houbo/Blue Fin Robin » from Shizuoka Prefecture. A comparatively rare variety in Japan, served in top notch French and Italian restaurants. But sashimi is still best!
« Seguro Iwashi/Seguro sardine ». So fresh and almost sweet. Th e latter morsel was served with orange vinegar from Hamamatsu City instead of the usual shoyu/soy sauce.

420-0034 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwacho, 1-4-2, Harada Bldg. 2F
Tel. & Fax: 054-221-4175
Business hours: 17:~24:00
Closed on Mondays and every second Sunday

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