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Ii is at last getting easier to brews from the former Sogatsuru Brewery in Kakegawa City since its revival in 2004 thanks to one of the brothers at Haginishiki Brewery in Shizuoka City.
But I certainly still have quite a few more left to survey!

Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery: « Chiyo » Junmai Ginjo
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Rice milled down to 55%
Bottled: August 2007

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Almost transparent
Aroma: Light and fruity. Bananas, melon.
Body: Velvety
Taste: Short tail. Nice junmai tngle. Dry. Coffee beans, bananas, bitter chocolate, nuts.
Quickly turns dry on palate.
Almonds appearing later

Overall: A very « Shizuoka Type » sake. Best suited with food. Very dry, great with tempura and fried food!

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