Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (12)

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Today’s bento was very simple, but very Japanese in the sense that leftovers were used (The Left Over Queen might get interested!)>
The Missus had plenty of rice from the evening before:

She prepared “Omu Raisu” (Omelette Rice) by frying the rice with small cubes of chicken, tomato sauce and I don’t know what (I’m not allowed inside the kitchen then!). Then she made a thin omelette and covered the rice with it. She made a cut in the omelette to allow excess humidity to escape. Omu Raisu is a typical Bento fare in Japan (and the Missus was not so happy about my taking pics of it for the blog!) popular with children and grown-ups alike.
The rice amounting for quite a lot she added a simple salad with fruit.
I certainly had a bellyfull!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (12)”

  1. LOL
    The Missus did not want the pic to be published because she was not satisfied with the look of the omelette!
    Incidently, if you wish to serve this dish hot, cook the rice first, put in a dish, then cook a large omelette with its core soft. Put the omelette on top of the rice, make a cut all across the middle and let the omelette spread onto the rice.
    I’ll try to find a pic to explain!


  2. Oh dear…now I’ve just got to know — why didn’t it please the missus that you took a pic for the blog? I think it’s an interesting way to use leftover rice in an omelette.

    You really are lucky you know…. 😉


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