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I just cannot help coming back to my « roots », as Morimoto Brewery was the first I ever commented on! A long love story indeed, which can finish only my own demise!

Morimoto Brewery: « Yatte Mita » Nessei
This was the first time that Hitoshi Morimoto created a sake with only Homare Fuji rice grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, hence the title « Yatte Mita » (I tried it!)
Very little information as usual, and I did have to fork out a little of myself!

Rice: Homare Fuji (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Sake brewed in 2006, bottled in June 2008
Limited to: 180 bottles

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Almost transparent
Aroma: Fruity, vanilla, banana
Body: Velvety
Taste: Shortish tail
Extremely complex and fruity: almonds, vanilla, coffee beans, bitter chocolate, banana.
Elegant and pleasant.
Lingers longer on palate with food.
Pleasantly warming alcohol.

Overall: A sake appealing to all.
Elegant and very easy to drink.
Quite a performance considering it was made primarily with Shizuoka-grown rice.
Extremely complex, constantly asking questions. Highly unpredictable.
Coming up with a different facet with every sip.

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