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Yamanaka Brewery is lost somewhere south of Kakegawa City Station and it is not easy to find their bottles! This is the only fourth one!

Yamanaka Brewery: Aoitenka Tokubetsu Junmai

Rice: Gohyakumangoku 100%
Rice milled down to 55%
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Bottled in April 2008

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Almost transparent
Aroma: Light. Dry. Fruity: coffee beans, Melon
Body: Velvety
Taste: Shortish tail. Strong junmai tingle warming the back of the mouth.
Dry. Complex. Fruity. Almonds, melon.
Keeps dry all the way through by itself or with food.
Almonds make strong comeback with food, especially meat.

Overall: Another sake designed both for food and individual drinking.
Strong characteristics.
Dry. Complex. Very pleasant and easy to drink.
« Suits itself to food ».

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