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I thought it was about time I checked on Shidaizumi Brewery in Fujieda City, and since I spotted this bottle at Nagashima Saketen in Shizuoka City I did not need any encouragement!

Shidaizumi Brewery: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Prefecture) 100%
Rice milled down to 40%
Yeast: Shizuoka HD-1 (cultivated onpremises)
Dryness: +3
Acidity: 1.4

Clarity: very clear
Colour: Almost transparent
Aroma: Fruity: bananas, almonds, pears. Complex.
Body: Velvety
Taste: Shortish tail. Very soft attack backed by junmai tingle.
Complex. Fruity: Almonds, coffee beans.
Stays soft even when whirled around inside mouth. Leaves with a dry almonds note.

Overall: Very soft light sake.
« Shizuoka Type ». Refined and pleasant, session sake.
Probably best appreciated on its own.
For once drank it for its sake as Tim usually does!
Bottled in September 2008