Today’s Lunch Box/ Bento (41)

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The Missus had my health in mind when she devised today’s bento!
The doctor having warned me on my rising blood pressure, she is cutting on salt. Which is perfect with me, as I do not favor over salty foods very much!


Accordingly, I discovered many vegetables in the main dish:
celery (Shizuoka produces 50% of all celery in Japan!), endive/chickory leaves, carrot sticks, lettuce and olives. Some tartare mayonnaise was included.


The minuscule tomatoes are called “Ameera Rubbins”. They are very sweet. Only two farmers in Iwata City, Western Shizuoka, produce them in the whole of Japan!


The Missus had marinated the chicken legs all night long before deep-frying (actually shally-frying) them this morning. A piece of lemon was provided for extra seasoning.


As for dessert she included persimmon wedges and mini-kiwi fruit (above pic) grown in Shizuoka Prefecture.


The bread had been baked the night before and toasted this morning. It includes black olives, chopped mint leaves and processed cheese.

Now, to answer Barbara‘s question whether the Missus shared her bread recipes, unfortunately, my other half (Rowena might have a few things to say about that! But she also knows I had a hard time “stealing” the Missus’ fried chicken recipe!), like most Japanese wives, is very cagey and possessive about her recipes.
As a rule I’m not allowed inside the kitchen, except when I wash the dishes (sometimes) and when I cook for her!
As for bread, she uses a bread baker gadget (more than 200 US$) which does absolutely everything from fermenting to baking!
Now, I know that she used rye flour and wheat flour at a 1 to 9 ratio and always adds a lttle olive oil with the water.
Once the dough has been completely leavened, fermented, raised and kneaded, the gadget will “call her”. Only then, will she add things like cheese, herbs and so on!
And then the gadget will take over again!

8 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/ Bento (41)”

  1. Ilaさん!
    Thank you so much for your compliments although these are the Missus’ work (LOL).
    I’m self-employed in Shzuoka City as lecturer, translator, interpreter and others!
    Metabo-shindan? I don’t worry about it, although the Missus does!


  2. Bonjour!
    You will have to tell the Missus.
    Actually she knows I publish her bentos (on the other hand she prohibited me to do the same on my Japanese blog! LOL), and I suspect she makes an extra effort!


  3. The missus is right to keep her secrets as secret as possible. But the occasional one or two that you pass along here on this blog are very much appreciated! 😉


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