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Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery, located in Kakegawa City, which rose again like the legendary Phoenix is steadily growing in stature and fame as their new brews amply prove!

Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery: Tenkoo Junmai Genshu

Rice milled down to 60%
Dryness: +3
Acidity: 1.3
Yeast: Shizuoka yeast
Alcohol: 16~17 degrees
Bottled in October 2008

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Light Golden Tinge
Body: Velvety
Aroma: Discreet. Fruity: pear, coconuts.
Taste: Short tail. Sweetish attack with dry finish. Nice alcohol. Fruity: Coconuts milk, banana, coffee beans, bitter chocolate, vanilla. Very complex.
Turns drier with food.

Comments: A very solid sake revealing multiple facets backed by a dry acid finish.
Probably best enjoyed with solid izakaya food.
Unusual sake for Shizuoka!

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