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Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2008 #24

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

The holiday season is upon us. Jubilation is in the air. Jubilation also is in the glass! Yes, Friday, December 12 marks the 2008 debut of a Baird Beer holiday classic — Jubilation Ale. It also marks the release of a specially festive first-time Baird Beer brewed at the request and with the cooperation of the fine liquor store, Nakaya: Autumn Harvest Blueberry Ale.

(1) Jubilation Ale (ABV 7%):

This is our annually crafted holiday season ale. It’s hallmark flavor stems chiefly from the addition of two special ingredients: (1) fully ripened figs candied in Japanese red sugar and (2) cinnamon twigs culled from a Japanese Nikki tree. A sublimely balanced interplay of sweet and spice results. The ruby red hue and the wafting aroma of Japanese nikki warm the heart and furbish the soul.

This year we are unveiling a newly designed label for our Jubilation Ale that, we think, captures the spirit and flavor of this celebratory ale in a very esthetically pleasing way. (Thanks go to our talented and loyal designer, Ms. Eiko Nishida, for her splendid work). Fifty of these 633 ml bottles will be specially gift-wrapped and available for purchase direct from our brewery. The cost is 1,200 yen and limit one per person. To reserve one of these gift bottles, please contact directly either the Fishmarket or Nakameguro Taprooms. Pickup and payment for your reserved bottle can be made at either Taproom beginning Friday, December 19.

Non-gift wrap bottles (633 ml) are available for purchase through the Baird Beer estore as well as through the fine family of Baird Beer retailing liquor stores in Japan. A limited number of 2007 edition, long-maturation bottles (360 ml) of Jubilation Ale also will be available for purchase through these channels. The flavor comparison between the two years is highly interesting. Draught versions of Jubilation Ale 2008 will be pouring from the taps of Baird Beer retailing pubs and restaurants throughout Japan beginning Friday, December 12 (including at our own Fishmarket and Nakameguro Taprooms).

(2) Autumn Harvest Blueberry Ale (ABV 6%):

What do you get when you combine a passionate Isehara beer-retailing liquor store, fresh Kanagawa prefecture blueberries, and a devoted fruit beer craft brewery? Of course, you get a great idea for an interesting beer. Autumn Harvest Blueberry Ale is the final product of that idea. Brewed exclusively with European base malts and Japanese sugar, lightly hopped with English Fuggles, and dosed with loads of hand-crushed Kanagawa blueberries, Autumn Harvest Blueberry Ale is piquant and effervescent — a fruited beer champagne, if you will.

633 ml bottles of this gorgeous elixir are being sold exclusively through the online estore of liquor shop Nakaya (please visit Draught versions are available for sampling at three locations: (1) Craft Beer Bar in Yokohama, (2) Nakameguro Taproom in Tokyo and (3) Fishmarket Taproom in Numazu.

Finally, please mark your calendar for upcoming events at the Nakameguro and Fishmarket Taprooms.

Nakameguro Taproom:

*Wednesday, December 24 (hosting a Christmas Eve celebration that includes a special menu and an appeal to all the loveless and forlorn — 500 yen pints for all those who visit by themselves. Christmas Eve in Japan is not just for the love birds!).

*Wednesday, December 31 (hosting a New Year’s Eve countdown party that features all-you-can-drink Baird Beer and an all-you-can-eat light buffet for only 5,000 yen per person. Party begins at 7:00 pm).

Fishmarket Taproom:

*Tuesday (National Holiday) December 23 – Thursday, December 25 (hosting a three-day Christmas celebration that features a special Christmas food menu, a vertical draught tasting of Jubilation Ale 2007 and Jubilation Ale 2008, and 500 yen pint servings of Jubilation Ale for the entire 3 days).

Wednesday, December 31 (hosting a New Year’s Eve countdown party that features our traditional an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet for only 1,000 yen per person and 500 yen Baird Beer pints. Buffet begins at 5:00 pm and ends at 10:00 pm. 500 yen pints run through the entire evening).

Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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