Duck Confit White Sauce Gnocchi

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For once, I took advantage of the Internet to concoct some great and simple food for the Missus the other day.
There is a great company based in Osaka City called Dining Plus Com selling online all kinds of imported foods from France, Italy, Belgium and many other countries at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, whatever you order will reach you within 24 hours or on the requested day. I know that Lojol‘s Missus has heard of it, and being a great cook herself, she will have to satisfy some new requests!

Ingredients (2~4 people):
(courtesy of Dining Plus Com)
Duck Confit leg: 1
(Courtesy of Dining Plus Com)
Frozen Gnocchi: 200g
Bacon: 2 large slices, cut in thin strips across.
Mushrooms of your choice: 1 large fistful (frozen mushrooms are fine as they give out a lot of great juices! A good way to use leftovers!), sliced if necessary.
Garlic: 1 clove, chopped in slices
Madeira Wine (or Red Port): 50 cc (a quarter of a cup)
Fresh cream: 200 cc
Sour cream: 1 large tablespoon
Herbs: parsley, dill and sweet basil (of course, it is your choice), a couple of tablespoons finely chopped.
Salt, pepper, nutmeg, thyme, laurel (all powdered). Keep inmind you will need very little salt.

-Heat a large pan of salted water (1 litre). It will have to be brought to boil when the sauce is being made.
-Heat a large deep non-stick frying pan and place Duck Confit leg skin down. Cover with a glass lid. Lower fire to medium and let cook. The duck is already cooked. What you want is to cook the skin to a crispy state.
When satisfied with the cooking switch off fire. DO NOT throw the fat or wash the pan!
When the duck has cooled a bit (try to proceed as hot as possible), shred the duck away from the bone. Try to obtain very thin strips. As for the grilled skin, cut it in thin strips. Discard excess fat sticking to the bone or under the skin. Keep in separate bowl.
-Throw in the sliced garlic in the pan on a medium fire. Once they have reached a brownish colour, carefully take them out and discard them.
-Throw in the bacon strips and fry until crispy. Carefully take them out and put them aside with duck.
-Lower the fire to low medium and throw in the mushrooms. When cooked to satisfaction, take them out carefully and put them aside with duck.
-Turn fire to medium high. Pour in the Madeira wine and stir with a wooden spatula to get it well-mixed with the juices. Pour in the fresh cream and sour cream. Stir until smooth.
-Throw the frozen gnocchi into boiling water. When water boils again, count 1~2 minutes for gnocchi to be ready.
-Add spices to sauce and mix in well. Add duck, bacon and mushrooms. Stir. Only then check if more salt is needed, which I doubt quite some is already included in the duck and bacon.
-When gnocchi are ready, take them out of water, drain them (excess water is not a problem. It can actually be used to lighten the sauce in case you find it too thick) and add them into pan. Stir.
-When ready, pour the lot in a large dish and sprinkle with the chopped herbs. Serve and eat at once.

Little secret: as for many other recipes, use the same pan and DO NOT wash it! You could add some parmiggiano cheese over it, but I would think it a bit heavy.

7 thoughts on “Duck Confit White Sauce Gnocchi”

  1. Dear Caitlin!
    Glad to hear I was of some help!
    Now, the best-ever gnocchi I ate were spinach gnocchi in minced wild boar sauce!
    You could make a great sauce with finely cut pancetta, good minced pork, the two prepared with olive oil, shallots, garlic and tomatoes!


  2. gnocchi and duck confit. im drooling now…these are two of my favorite things to eat.

    you have inspired me to make gnocchi for christmas eve! unfortunately my family is less adventurous regarding game birds, hopefully it will turn out sans confit…maybe some pancetta instead? any thoughts?


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