A new shochu is born: Bekko Tonbo by Senju Brewery/Distillery


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(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun)

Senju Brewery/Distillery announced on December 11th the creation of a new Shochu to contribute to the preservation of an endangered dragonfly species!

Bekko Tonbo, or Bekko Dragonfly, is an endangered insect endemic to the region around Iwata City. 10 yen for each bottle sold will go to help its survival!

The shochu is a kome/rice shochu made from rice and white lees used to brew top-class sake. A 720ml bottle being priced 1t893 yen, it is very cheap for such an exravagant shochu.
The brewery has concocted it as light, sweetish elegant brew best drunk with mineral water and ice!

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