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Kazutaka Takashima is a maverick masterbrewer and owner in a maverick sake-brewering Prefecture. Aged only 31, he took over his father’s brewery 3 years ago, hired a new brewmaster from Iwate Prefecture (Nanbu School) and finally started brewing his own sake this year. Built like a barrel (he holds a fifth dan in judo!), he is nevertheless a very affable if passionate brewer.
When I interviewed him last year, he confided me he was planning to create sake exclusively from Shizuoka Prefecture ingredients. The fact that his brewery stands at the foot of Mount Fuji in Numazu City within convenient distance of Suntoh Gun will explain why he held his promise as you will discover in the following posting.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my new tasting friend, Jen from Boston, to the « World Sake Blogging Club » represented by Melinda, Etsuko and Tim!

Takashima Brewery: Hakuin Masamune Junmai (no alcohol added), Nama (unpasteurized) Genshu (unaltered), Sunto gun Yamadanishiki Rice

Rice: Shizuoka Yamada Nishiki strain grown in Suntoh Gun
Rice milled down to 65%
Yeast: Shizuoka Yeast NEW-5
Water: from own well dug at the foot of Mount Fuji
Alcohol: 16~17 degrees
Dryness: +5
Acidity: 1.7
Bottled: December 2008

Clarity: Very clear.
Colour: Light golden tinge.
Aroma: Pleasing and very fruity: bananas, vanilla.
Body: Velvety
Taste: Strong alcohol attack backed up by junmai tingle.
Shortish tail. Warms up back of the palate and throat.
Complex and fruity: bananas, vanilla, almonds. Coffee beans appearing with second sip.
Turns dry with food with bitter chocolate and almonds coming out.
Makes a somewhat sweet exit.

Overall: A surprisingly elegant for such a strong sake.
Sublime with food.
Always entices for another cup.
Another discovery!

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