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In this maverick sake brewing prefecture you are bound to repeat the same comment for about almost all its brewers, but Hidetoshi Morimoto in Kikuagawa City is considered THE maverick by his own peers!
Whereas blending is fairly common as far as cheap mass-produced sake, premium sake blending is almost unheard of. Well, Mr. Morimoto, both to satisfy a special request from his fans and his own thirst for improvisation blended some of his premium sake brews for a mere total of 120, making it already a rarity of the past. I got hold of one through pure luck and I can hear Melinda and Etsuko moaning! LOL.
Jen might come up with the comment that they blend the best Champagne, so why not sake. I would be tempted to agree to the point I have often called sake brewed in Shizuoka the Sake of Japan (I’m asking for trouble!)

Morimoto Brewery: IKIOI
Rice of all blended sake milled down to 55%. Qualifies for Ginjo, although knowing Hidetoshi Morimoto, he would say, « bah, just a honjozo by miles! »
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Blended in Autumn 2008

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Golden tinge
Aroma: Elegant, complex, fruity: banana, vanilla
Body: Velvety

Taste: Strong attack backed by pleasant alcohol. Dry. Complex.
Fruity: bananas, coffee beans, almonds with a dry finish.
Turns drier with food with memories of almonds, bitter chocolate, vanilla and licorice

Overall: A typical sake from Morimoto Brewery: unusual, elegant, impertinent, uncompromising!
Sublime with food. Would make for an extravagant aperitif or digestif with any food!

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