Shizuoka sake Tasting 25/5: Aoshima-Kikuyoi Brewery


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All but for its limited size, Aoshima Brewery has achieved a deserved fame all over Japan as recently demonstrated in the widely read DANCYU magazine. Densaburo (Masterbrewer name) Aoshima has the particularity to speak fluent English as he holds a business management degree from an American University. Interestingly enough, he does not export his sake yet.

Aoshima Brewery: Kikuyoi Ginjo
Rice: Yamada Nishiki Ginga
Rice milled down to 50%
Dryness: +6~+9
Acidity: 1.1~1.4
Yeast: Shizuoka Yeast
Oigawa Southern Alps Spring Water
Rcommended to be drunk at 12 degrees
Bottled in January 2009
No 1101 (Mr. Aoshima numbers all his bottles for tracing back)

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Transparent
Aroma: Fruity and dry: flowers, pears, vanilla
Body: Velvety
Taste: Light but dry attack. Disappears quickly.
Well-rounded. Complex.
Fruity and flowery. Pineapple, almonds, faint vanilla and pears.
Elegant with a dry deep quick finish backed by almonds and nuts.
Combines well with food. tends to turn drier with food.

Overall: A deep elegant sake!
No wonder it i making so many converts all over Japan!
Stands so well to food without losing any of its character.
Fleeting multi-faceted, typical Shizuoka sake.

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