Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/23)


Today Missus was still recovering from a bad fit of viral flu and it was her day-off from work. Moreover I was having a busy day. We agreed that a lunch box was on order, the more for it that it would become part of the Missus’ lunc, too!


I hadn’t been eating much for the last three day, so she made quite a big bento!


The “main dish” consisted of some of my favourites: Deep-fried garlic chicken (thigh parts off the bone) and tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette with boild brocoli, lettuce and home-stewed sweet blak beans.


The steamed rice had been mixed with “hijiki/sweet seawedd” after cooking and sprinkled with plenty of white sesame seeds. The Missus added some pickled ginger as well.


As for the salad, on a bed of chopped veg, canned beans, mini tomatoes, fresh cress and boiled pois gourmands/green peas in their pod.

It did take me some time to eat it all, but who am I to complain! LOL

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/23)”

  1. Oh my goodness how I miss Bento Boxes. All those yummy things! This has inspired me. I just have to make myself a Japanese Bento Box soon!


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