Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2009/14)

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2009 #14

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

The rainy season has arrived. This is not, of course, bad news for the Japan beer enthusiast because it means the release of Baird Rainy Season Black Ale.

*Rainy Season Black Ale (ABV 6.1%):

A torrential downpouring of hops define this otherwise roasty, toasty, espresso-like powerful black ale. 55 BUs of elegant American (Magnum, Galena & Sterling) and German (Tradition, Hersbrucker) lupulin as well as dry-hopped character from the spicy-floral combination of Sterling and Hersbrucker coat the tongue with a resinous stickiness that is pungently pleasurable. This is the Baird Beer antidote to the rainy season funk. We guarantee the results!

Rainy Season Black Ale is now pouring from our Taproom taps and will be available on draught at Baird Beer retailing pubs beginning Monday, June 15. 633 ml bottles also are available for purchase at Baird Beer retailing liquor stores throughout Japan.

The Rainy season gloom works on different people in different ways. To ensure there is a beery antidote that fits everyone’s afflicted disposition, we are releasing two additional Tsuyu-season Baird Beers: Numazu Lager and Faded Glory Pale Mild.

*Numazu Lager (ABV 5.5%):
This copper-gold lager (brewed back in March 2008 and conditioned for over one year in the keg), medium-light in body, bristles with a prickly hop bitterness (courtesy of Warrior and Columbus) and aroma (dry-hopping with Vanguard, Santiam and Sterling). I recommend imbibing as you stare out the Fishmarket Taproom window, marvelling at the acrobatic prowess of the swooning seagulls and contemplating the majesty of the low-hanging, fast-moving rain clouds which magically release their precipitate upon encountering the inland mountains.

Numazu Lager is available only on draught and only at our Numazu Fishmarket Taproom.

*Faded Glory Pale Mild (ABV 3.1%):

Pale Mild is a classic English Ale style that, much like the British Empire, has become essentially a historical relic. It is an unfashionably low gravity and low alcohol ale meant to replenish and not to inebriate. The brewing of low-gravity “small” beers is an extremely challenging task for the brewer because he is attempting to achieve flavor and character with the use of much less raw ingredient material. The Baird brewers relish the challenge and love the tribute that it pays to beer history and tradition.

Faded Glory Pale Mild is amber-gold in color, lightly floral in aroma (dry-hopping with Saaz) and somewhat biscuity in flavor (Maris Otter and Munich base malts). It is fresh and smooth from start to finish. This is a beer where flavor, refreshment, sociability and history meet at the crossroads! Faded Glory Pale Mild is available as Real Ale only at the Nakameguro and Fishmarket Taprooms.

Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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