Soft Peach and Cheese Cake


I’ve heard that Japanese Cheese Cakes are very popular in North America.
Since I already Have posted a snack and a chicken dish today, I thought I ought to finish it up wit a dessert before going back to work! LOL
It is also peach season right now in Japan. If you want to use fresh peaches for this recipe, choose them firm or make a compote with them first!

-Cream Cheese: 250g
This is the Cream Cheese most used in Japan. Does it exist in North America?
-Fresh cream: 100~130 ml according to preferences
-Canned white peaches: 1 can
-Sugar: 40~50 g
-Canned syrup: 35 g (from the peaches can!)
-Eggs: 2
-All-purpose flour: 30 g


Take peaches out of the can. Keeping six slices apart for topping, crush the other peach slices with a fork.


Soften cream cheese inside microwave oven for 20~30 seconds. Strongly stir it inside a bowl until it becomes absolutely smooth.


Add sugar and syrup and stir well.
Make sure the whole is smooth and without any “solid” parts left.


First add egg one at a time and stir until completely smooth. Add flour and stir until completely smooth (important!).


Add fresh cream. Mix until smooth. Add crushed peaches. Mix until smooth.


As on the picture above, inside a baking mold/dish place lightly oiled (light vegetal oil) wide strips of kitchen paper. This will help takinf\g the cake out of the mold as it is very soft!
Pour in the whole cake mix and place peach sliced on top for decoration.


Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.
As all ovens have their own “character”, check the colour until you are satisfied.
Stab with a thin wooden toothpick. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready!

Note: The cake might be difficult to unmold as it is soft. Do it carefully.
If you have one, use a mold with a movable bottom.
It’s best to let cool first and leave it in the refrigerator for a night before serving.
The above recipe is for the whole family. Adults can add peach liqueur as a finishing touch!

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16 thoughts on “Soft Peach and Cheese Cake”

    1. Dear Marta!
      I have just checked your homepage!
      Your cake looks certainly than mine!
      My sincere compliments!
      Incidentally, I could not leave a message in your comment box because you don’t use Blogspot Full Page Comment Box!
      If you could change it, Worpress users could leave comments on your beautiful blog!


  1. By now you know that Philly cream cheese is available in America, as well as my homeland, Canada & my place of residence, Germany. It’s the safest way to ensure you are getting the right stuff for a good cheesecake (German cheesecake is made out of quark/fromage blanc – not the same stuff!)


  2. Amazing! I have phildelphia cream perfect cake for the holidays!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

    join our growing community , Share your recipe for all the world to see!
    and if you can visit me I can visit you!

    Have great Day~


  3. Your peach cheesecake looks very delicious! It looks light and nice! Philadelphia Cream Cheese is claimed to be the best for cheesecake! Also it is probably the most common in N.A. Welcome summer!


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