Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/47)


I think I can safely assume that today’s bento is of the “healthy type”!
Plenty of vegetables and more as you will see!


The Missus first prepared konbu soba from Shiretoko. Shiretoko is a great UNESCO World nature Heritage in Northeastern Hokkaido we visited last year. They are famous for their knobu/seaweed and a derivated products such as the konbu soba we brought back. They are green and might look like tea soba, but they aren’t. Extremely healthy!


On top she placed hand-broken lettuce and shiso/perilla leaves, home-pickled mini lemons, home-pickled myoga and onions, pickled ginger, red and yellow tomatoes from her family’s garden, thinly cut cucumber, boiled shrimps, boiled egg marinated in soy sauce, and black olives.


She provided me with “mentsuyu/めんつゆ/cold stock soup for the soba. You just pour them on top as it goes well with the veg, too.


And for dessert red grapefruit, mini kiwi and blueberries!

Simple, tasty and healthy!

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