Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/55-Earthquake))


August 11th, 2009, Shizuoka City, 05:13 a.m.
6.2~6.5 tremor with its epicentre bang in the middle of Shizuoka Prefecture.
Positives: Occured at the “best” time of the day when people wake up and react quickly, no one is cooking yet, and no communal transport is moving.
Negatives: some stupid “specialists” take the opportunity to announce this is still not the “Big Tokai Earthquake that we (?) are all expecting anytime!”
That did not prevent the Missus to prepare my (and her) bento!

So, this time it is not “Typhoon Bento”, but “Earthquake Bento”!


She used that bamboo box again with its soft lid.
She put in 4 musubi/rice balls instead of the usual 3. She probably though I needed some comfort! LOL


4 musubi then:
Top left: dried shirasu/sardine whitings
Top right: konbu/sweet seaweed
Bottom left: umeboshi/pickled Japanese plum
Bottom right: pickled cucumber


Tamagoyaki. Very simple and sweet. “Nashi”/Japanese pears from Yaizu which was hit by a mini tsunami at 5:30.


The side dish was one of the Missus specialties: Deep-fried chicken marinated with vegetables. She deep-fries the chicken first. Then she fries some thinly cut vegetables lightly. She dropped both into a large plate with rich vinegar, mirin, ponzu and I don’t know what and let the lot marinate for at least 30 minutes before transfering it into a tupperware.


A side view of the garnish!

Looking at, and eating this bento, I might be tempted to wish for a few more (very small) earthquakes!

Here is another picture of my “roots” taken outside my Dad’s house:


Myself (61 this month), my sister Laure (60), my brother Jean-Jacques (the chef, 59) my Dad Andre (85) and my other brother Francois (the one who works for AREVA and spends half of his time in Florida, 52).

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/55-Earthquake))”

  1. re bonjour pti frère : merci pour la photo de famille que tu as mis : ça me touche de tous nous voir réuni : c’était vraiment un bon souvenir , trop rare : a bientôt et bon courage ; bises de lolotte .


  2. So, you survived the big one. I just saw a picture in a paper and I thought of you. Glad to know things are back to normal and your wife is making great bento for you rain or quake!


  3. Dear Robert,

    Me too, glad to know that you are both okay 🙂 Scary..earthquake joke haha but seeing yr missus can still make bento for u both, it is good. Nice bento she made..mmmm looks good.

    Btw, I have tried out your takoyaki recipe and it turned out fantastic. I manage to get it done with just the cake mould I bought from the crockery shop :p haha save my bucks 🙂

    Take care & Cheers


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