Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/60)


Two days ago, the Missus decreed that from now no I will take a bento to work on Saturdays as we are both too busy to bother with coming home for lunch.
I’m notone to complain as Saturday will see totally different bentoes form mondays and Tuesdays.


Like I said, Saturday bentoes will be different becaus this is the day of the week when the Missus makes a point to cook stews or curries.
Today’s curry was pork minced meat served with chopped okra from her family’s garden and a whole soft boiled egg on saffron rice.


As for the salad I was offered a selection of raw vegetables sticks with drssing as vegetables sticks. These are particularly welcome in this still hot season!


And ripe plums for dessert!

Next Saturday I will be flying to New caledonia for a few days. Therefore the next Saturday bento will have to wait till the 19th. LOL

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