Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/64)


Today’s was also a “Working Man’s Bento”, and the Missus, grumpy as she was (rain outside and so on) certainly couldn’t help pointing it out (she is working, too…)!


It was pretty voluminous, too. I wonder why the Missus is always complaining b\about my bulging waist,…


Not only did she steam the rice this morning (complaining I was just lounging around,…) but she also deep-fried fresh Tonkatsu made with pork fillets. Tender and succulent. She topped the tonkatsu with sauce that helped give flavour to the rice, too. The same was underlaid with some shredded cabbage and white sesame seeds.


The salad part was the same as yesterday: potato, cucumber and egg salad with plum tomatoes on a bed of lettuce.


The dessert was the same as yesterday, too, but I’m not to complain as I love those Asian pears/”nashi” and ripe plums, both seasonal and so sweet and juicy!

Did I mention before that the grumpier the Missus, the better?

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