Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/68)


We are witnessing a very mild, if not hot Autumn in Shizuoka which promises to be long and pleasant.
This also means more access to local vegetables and local food in general!


Acually, the rice part was only part local.
The Missus steamed the rice with chopped konbu/seaweed.
It is certainly more practical than steaming it with a large piece of konbu as the seaweed itself is not only edible but add great taste to the rice.
This time she mixed in canned smoked oysters (this is the “unocal” part).


After keeping two whole oysters for the topping, she vut the rest small enough and add chopped boiled string beans and sesame seeds before mixing the lot together.


The main box was a combination of veg, meat and eggs.


The Missus placed them on a bed of lettuce, cress and thin slices of apple with cut plum tomato.
The tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette contained cut and fried pimetoes and was seasoned with a little Thai sweet and hot sauce.


The meat part was represented by thin pork slices rolled around thin enoki mushrooms and srting beans fried Japanese style.

Good variety and very tasty, I must admit!

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/68)”

  1. Have to learn how to make Bento boxes for my family. This one looks so nice and inviting. It’s so complete and so balanced. There’s meat, rice, fruit, veges, egg, etc. So healthy!


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