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It7s been some time I sampled a brew by Sanwa Brewery in Shimizu Ku (formerly shimizu City).
Their brand name, Garyubai, created some four years has stuck for good, and almost all brews bear the name.
The particularity of this brewery is that it is the only one in this Prefecture not using the Shizuoka Yeast!

Sanwa Brewery: Garyubai Junmai (Genshu)

Rice: Nihon Nishiki 100%
Rice milled down to 60%
Alcohol: 16~17 degrees
Acidity: 1.4
Bottled in June 2009

Clarity: very clear
Colour: almost transparent
Aroma: Strong alcohol, fruity: bananas, almonds, a memory of bitter chocolate.
Body: velvety
Taste: Soft on the tongue at first, with a strong alcohol attack at the beack of thepalate.
Finishes on a smooth note. shortish tail. complex.
Fruity: almonds, bananas, coffee beans.
Starts almost sweet to finish on a strong dry note with mandarines, more almonds and bitter chocolate.
« Adapts » itself with food well with more facets appearing.

Overall: A sake which is both strong and complex.
Marries well with food.
Its dry fruity taste might become an acquired taste, though.
Even knowing that this brewery does not use the Shizuoka yeast, it is obviously off the beaten tracks in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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