Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/77)

Today’s Lunch Box/Bento wasa bit of a mistake as the Missus said she would prepare “mazegohan/混ぜご飯” or mixed steamed rice with the crab (“zuwagani/ずわ蟹 or Snow Crab) I bought yesterday. Well, I’ll have to wait for the crab until tonight. LOL

Mind you we had eaten the best part of it last niight already, so instead of including the rest in the rice, she’ll probably serve it with a salad!

So she steamed the rice with a piece of dry konbu/seaweed and finely chopped “Kyo Ninjin/京人参”, a variety of carrot, log, deep-red and sweet originally grownin the Kyoto area.
Once steamed, she mixed the rice with the carrot (which has been left cooking on top of the rice) and black sesame seeds.

As for the garnish, she sauteed very soft/tender pork fillet with mustard and “eringe/エリンゲ”, eringi mushrooms in its fat and sauce.

The straight “tamagoyaki/卵焼き”, Japanese omelette (by straight, I mean she did not include anything else) and the boiled broccli made for a nice colour variation.

As for the salad/dessert, she placed small cuts of “jiro kaki/次郎柿”, sqaut persimmon, and large pointed Shizuoka plum tomato slices over a bed of roughly chopped lettuce and greens.

As I’m presently on a diet (already lost 3 kg in a week without much strain), it does make for a healthy and colourful bento!

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/77)”

  1. A hearty looking meal! If I was a meat eater, I would totally love this prepartion of pork. How does your Missus get those nice lines on the outside of the tamagoyaki? Is it from the bamboo matt? Thanks.

    Also, thank you for linking me as a recommended related site. However, I’ve moved and have a new url it’s


    1. My dear Friend!
      The Missus rolls the tamagoyaki hot just out of the pan into a fine bamboo stick mat like the one they use for sushi rolls.
      She will keep it tied up for a while. Once completely cooled down it will stay round with the fine lines!
      I will change your link!


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