Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/79)

It has taken a long time, but I’m slowly convincing the Missus to work on her bentoes and take her own photoes for reference (posterity?). It is a battle (“what about my privacy, blah, blah…?), but I’m bent on winning it! LOL

She’s recently bought all kinds of contraptions/artifcts for the kitchen and cooking. Among those she has acquired these boxes to shape musubi/rice balls into perfect tringular shapes forbeeter arrangement.
The present musubi are “maze gohan/mixed rice”. The rice was steamed together with “tsukudani/Japanese- style stewed food” made up of bee, bamboo shoots, carrots and others.
She added home-made pickles for vinegary garnish.

The rest of the garnish included her own style of oeufs mimosa/boiled eggs with their yolks manipulated, shrimps and snack pea pods salad seasoned with black sesame seeds and stewd black beans.

The salad was composed of hand broken lettuce, cress and other greens, plum tomatoes, sliced radishes and black olives, the whole topped with cold marinated mushrooms (done in Greek style with olive oil and spices).

Vey simple dessert of grenadine seasoned compoteed apples.

I think I’m right to egg on the Missus! LOL

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/79)”

  1. Tell the Missus for me that her bento creations look healthy and delicious! I enjoy every photo and study it for my own bento box lunches. If she wants to protect her identity, send the photos to me and I use them on my blog. *wink* 🙂


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