Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/02)

I will have to be more careful when I describe the Missus’ bentoes this year, as she makes a point to read my comments and crash on me, talons extended, if I make a mistake (who do you think is the dragon in my e-mail address? LOL).
The positive side is that she is starting getting serious about her creations!

As in the rest of North Hemisphere, we are going through a very cold spell in Japan. Here in Shizuoka, the mildest region in these islands after Okinawa, the situation is not dramatic, but it is markedly colder than usual. Therefore bentoes need to pack more body-heating ingredients, but at the same time control the calorie intake!

Today’s bento was certainly well-balanced, keeping in mind this a bento for an adult.

It contained three musubi/rice balls (triangular actually) of two different kinds. Two were made of plain steamed rice with umeboshi/Japanese pickled plum.
The plums had been marinated in honey, counterbalancing the salty taste.
The third one was made of freshly steamed (with konbu/seaweed) rice mixedd with katsuo soboro/bonito powder.
The two umeboshi musubi were wrapped in large egoma/shiso-perilla variety leaves. These leaves are even tastier than the usual shiso leaves.

The tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette was of the plain variety.
When I asked about my dessert, my other half tersely repled that this was my dessert!
The pickled vegetables are home-made and served with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.

The garnish part was certainly colourful and well-balanced with boiled brocoli, fresh plum tomatoes, a liitle red trevise cabbage and plenty of succulent wasabi lettuce (nothing to do with wasabi but reminiscent of its taste!).

The meat part are tsukune/Japanese meat balls.
They consisted of chicken minced meat, grated renkon/lotus roots and spices that the Missus would not reveal. They were subsequently fried in oil, soy sauce, mirin and I don’t know what (keeping myself away from those talons!) and served coated with plenty of black sesame seeds.

No complaints!

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