Ramen: Cold Ramen/Hiyashi Ramen-Basic Recipe


Ramen are not always eaten hot, even in cold countries (japan does become very cold in some areas in winter, I can guarantee you!).
Be it hot or cold, Cold Ramen, Hiyashi Ramen/冷やしラーメンare a very popular dish here.

Whereas the presentation basically varies little, many sauces can be combined with them
Here is the basic (classic) recipe with some different sauces.
I have left the precise quantities again to your preferences. I sincerely hope it will help!


-Main ingredients:
Dried shiitake
Char Siu/Chyashyu

-Peanuts sauce
Peanuts butter
Soy sauce
Seasme oil
Rice vinegar

-Hot Sauce
Doubanjiang (chinese), Toubanjian (Japanese), Gochujang (Korean)
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Rice vinegar
Japanese sake

-Sweet vinegar sauce:
Soy sauce
Sesame sauce
Rice vinegar
Japanese sake


Choose the short, crispy Japanese variety.
First massage them with salt.
Wash them under cold clear water.
Slice along their length at a slant and cut the slices into long thin strips.

Do choose them fresh for best taste.
Plunge them into hot water and stir them a while.
Drain them thoroughly and let cool completely.

Dried Shiitake:
Let the shiitake swell backto their original soft size in lukewarm water.
Boil them for 5 minutes then.
Drain thoroughly and let cool down before slicing them thin.

Char Siu/Chyashyu:
See recipe HERE.
Cut as much as you want into thin strips.
If unavailable, ham is fine.

Peanuts sauce:
Do experiment with quantities. Have a good look at picture, too!
In a bowl, mix soy sauce and peanuts butter (the less sweet kind if osiible) until you attain a creamy sauce.

Add sesame oil and a little and mix well again.

Add some water and mix well (to lighten it).
Add a little rice vinegar for seasoning and mix well again.
Pour the sauce into a mortar. Add sesame seeds and crush/mix with a pestle.
Depending on your preferences, you can add chili pepper, or a drop of tabasco.
By all means, experiment!
If the taste seems a little bland, add rice vinegar and soy sauce.

Hot sauce:
In a bowl drop Doubanjian, Japanese sake, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and water. Mix well!
Once again, do experiment!
You may add liquid lard for a deeper taste.

Sweet vinegar sauce:
in a bowl drop soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, Japanese sake, sesame oil and water. Mix well.
Once again, do experiment!
If sauce is too thick, add water.

In a large pan bring to boil plenty of water with a little salt.
Throw in the ramen after having made sure they don’t stick to each other.
Control the heat so as not bringing the water back to boiling point.
Cook until slightly hard or very firm.

First drain thouroughly, then wash under cold running water.
Drain again thoroughly.
To prevent the ramen from sticking to each other, add a little sesame oil and mix well.
Boil the ramen after all the other ingredients are ready for fast and best sevice.

Place the ramen in the middle of a plate and cover them with cucumber, beansprouts, shiitake and char siu as decoratively as possible and serve with sauce in a separate dish.


-Many restaurants serve the cold ramen seasoned with their sauce. This is not a very good idea as the ramen will end up impregnated and softened.
Add sauce little by little with a small spoon from the sauce dish. It might take more time, but it will far more delicious.

-You can of course use other ingredients as far as the vegetables are concerned. Let your imagination fly. Just make sure they are cut in strips all apprimately the same size!

-The Japanese often add hot mustard just before eating them Experiment!

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8 thoughts on “Ramen: Cold Ramen/Hiyashi Ramen-Basic Recipe”

  1. What is the point of massaging the cucumbers with salt please??

    I tried the peanut sauce… But it ended a bit salty for my taste…
    Any advice…



  2. salut, thank you for the comment. i know very little about asian cuisine, so my curiosity is piqued–i’m sure to be back.


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