Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/03)

It still is cold for the season although the weather is beautiful.
Yesterday we could manage a full day of “gardening and terraforming” at the cricket ground in glorious weather!
Which means I’m quite hungry as I write this posting on the Missus’ bento.

For the rice she came up with one of her “oishii/delicious” creations: “maze gohan/混ぜご飯” or mixed rice.

I “stole” that picture as she was momentarily busy while the rice was steaming.
After soaking the rice for a while with a piece of konb, she first fried the mushrooms in soy sauce, grated ginger and someting I couldn’t steal away. She then transfered the lot on top of the rice and steamed as shown in above picture.

Once the rice was properly steamed, she mixed the rice and mushrooms before while hole placing them inside the bento box.

As for the garnish, she quickly fried some taro/sato imo (bought steamed) in soy sauce and something else before coating them with white sesame seeds. She added boiled Na no Hana/rape blossoms seasoned with gomadare/sesame dressing and white sesame seeds, home-made pickles with black sesame seeds (carrots, red daikon, celeri) and freshly made tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette.

The salad and dessert dish included mini tomatoes on a bed of shredded vegetables, trevise cabbage and cress, (tinned) smoked oysters with shiso/perilla leaves to wrap them in and sliced of kiwi fruit!

Plenty of satisfaction here!

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