Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/07)

“You must eat more fish!” said the Missus this morning.
Alright, I love any fish as sushi or sashimi, but when it comes to cooked fish, The Japanese tend to include too much salt for my own liking with the result of emphasizing the “fishy smell and taste”.
I suppose I will have to hold myself on a leash for some time to come!LOL

The positive side of this morning’s (grumpy) conversation is that the Missus is planning to buy a cedar wood bento box for better presentation!

Today’s rice was her specialty: Steamed together with hijiki/sweet seaweed and tinned beans and their juice. It does make for good diet balance and colours.

My compulsory tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette, crucnhy sauteed renkon/lotus root and a sprig of fresh cress for the looks and Vitamin C.

Mini tomatoes for more Vitamin C, Na no Hana/Rape flowers, boiled and seasoned with sesame sauce and seeds for iron, and the fish: salted salmon the Missus fried with soy sauce and other seasoning.

And more Vitamin C with Benihoppe/red cheeks strawberry from Shizuoka and kiwi fruit.

Well-balanced bento, I agree.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/07)”

  1. Ahhh… the Missus is going to pack your obento in cedar box! Wonderful. I just purchased my first magewappa and wow…what a difference it makes on the rice. The cedar seems to enhance the texture and the flavors.

    I love hijiki with rice mixed. I haven’t tried with beans, other than azuki. Your lunch looks delicious.


    1. Dear Friend!
      We seem top share a lot!LOL
      Try canned mixed beans. The Missus pours the lot with its juices over the rice when steaming it and mix later!


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