Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2010/03/02)

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

New Seasonal Baird Beer Releases: Morning Coffee, Wabi-Sabi, Obatarian

The Baird Beer brewers have been busy bees over the past several months crafting a diverse range of unique seasonal brews. Wednesday, March 3 will mark the official debut of the following three seasonal beers:

Morning Coffee Stout 2010 (ABV 7%): Each year we combine our passion for stout beer with our love of coffee in the brewing of Morning Coffee Stout. This 2010 version is an export-style stout infused with freshly ground fair-trade espresso beans from Arabika Coffee. This year we added the coarsely ground espresso beans directly to the stout in the conditioning tank in what amounted to a cold beer toddy extraction method. The result is a perfect flavor marriage between stout beer and java beans.

Wabi-Sabi Ale (ABV 5.5%): Shizuoka is the green tea capital of Japan. Drinking fine Shizuoka tea is to experience the Japanese wabi-sabi cultural aesthetic in microcosm. We feel the same is true of imbibing Baird Beer. So it struck us: why not skillfully combine the two? This we have done in a richly malty brown ale in which hop character is almost wholly absent (only 15 BUs of hops were added in a single kettle addition). We use the Shizuoka tea (infused into the beer in the conditioning tank) to supplement and make complete the bitter, herbal and aromatic character generally supplied by hops. The result is a wonderfully unique beer best characterized by the following descriptors: refinement, elegance, sobriety, dignity.

Obatarian Strong English Ale (ABV 8%): Strong English Ales generally are noted for richness of malt character, alcohol strength which imparts warmth, and a pleasant estery profile. They normally are released only after sufficient aging and maturation. Thus, they tend to be extremely self-assured beers; ones that care little for the opinions or sensitivities of others. In other words, they are the beer version of that old biddy obatarian you sometimes encounter in the supermarket checkout line here in Japan. We promise, though, that your encounter with Obatarian Strong English Ale will prove more satisfying than your experience with the human version at the supermarket.

Morning Coffee Stout 2010 will be available on draught and in bottles (633 ml) and sold throughout Japan through the fine family of Baird Beer retailing establishments (as well as direct from the brewery via our online E-Shop). Wabi-Sabi Ale is a small batch beer that will be available on hand-pump as real ale exclusively at our Taproom pubs. Obatarian Strong English Ale, another small batch brew, is draught only and also will be poured exclusively from the taps of our own Taproom pubs.

Finally, please mark you calendar for the upcoming Lucky Seven Stout Week which kicks off on St. Patrick’s Day (Wednesday, March 17) at our Numazu Fishmarket Taproom and runs through the national holiday on Monday, March 22. During the week we will be celebrating the quintessential Irish beer style: Stout. We will devote seven taps to different varieties of stout beer, serve a special Stout-inspired food menu and engage in other mischievous fun. More details will be forthcoming in next week’s bulletin.


Bryan Baird
Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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