Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/18)

What with our pending trip to Kume Island, Okinawa, which promises a lot of eating and drinking, the Missus will keep an eye on my calories for the next two days!
So it was back again to a more traditional form of Japanese bento!

She steamed the sice with shredded carrot (you know, those carotenes?) and mixed later with black sesame seeds. She accompanied the rice with home-made pickled red daikon for colour and balance.

As for the garnish, she kept it well-balanced but controlled the volume with an eye for colours.

Salad of pickled green and red cabbage, carrots and konbu seaweed for the fibers. Boiled peas intheir pods for more fibers, iron and vitamin C, seasoned with umeboshi!

For the meat garnish, she prepared a pork and beans stew by frying pieces of pork belly before adding boiled beans and tomato sauce. She sprinkled the lot with chopped parsley and rested a soft boiled egg half which had been marinated in a soy sauce mixture of her own.

For dessert, benihoppe/red cheeks strawberries from Shizuoka. Did you that 2 strawberries contain enough Vitamin C for a single person for a whole day?

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/18)”

  1. I was in the major strawberry area where for 30-minutes and Y1200 I could eat all the benihoppe I wanted. I”m chock full of Vit. C now. Best strawberries ever! Brought back lots to freeze for later.


    1. LOL
      Dear Patricia!
      I’m answering you from Kumeshima Island!
      Benihoppe Strawberries, first developped in Shizuoka Prefecture in 2002, are considered the best in Japan as for their balance. It’s big business here, over 1500 registered growers!
      Most of them go to Tokyo!


  2. Hello! Did the Missus get you a new bento box! I love your usual woven one, but this 2 tier one looks cute. Good to know about the strawberry vitamin C content as I munch on those on most days!


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