Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/21)

The Missus and I went to this beautiful island called Kume Island off Okinawa main island last week, and we took the opportunity to visit the local supermarkets as these are the best places to learn what the local truly eat at home.
We found a special mix to add to rice when steaming it and it certainly for delicious musubi/rice balls!

The Missus seemed to really enjoy herself as she offered me a pe-tasting of her bento with breakfast! It certainly made for a very tradional and colourful bento again!

For a closer look of the musubi!

As for the garnish, she made tuna patties (secret recipe, sorry! I wasn’t told about it, either!) that she fried and served with lemon slices for extra seasoning and added some lightly fried sweet pimentoes for colour, fibers and vitamins. A feww slices of pickled daikon were also added later.

As for the salad/dessert: potato and vegetables salad, mini-tomatoes and plain (but delicious!) tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette.

Poor me, I will have to wait until next Tuesday till the next bento!

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/21)”

  1. thanks for clearing it up – I think there were discussions on whether musubi just refers to nori-wrapped vs. not nori-wrapped….at least i got it clarified now!


  2. Bravo to you and your Missus for continuing your practice of packing a bento even while on holiday! Looks delicous and packed full of healthy energy providing goodies for your bike ride tour! Musubi for the win!

    I’m in awe of your wife. If it were me, I’d would of succumbed to the “I’m on vacation” mentality and purchased a lunch.


    1. Dear Debra!
      Actually, we came back on Saturday night.
      I had to work since then, even on Sunday, while the Missus was on holiday until Monday.
      She was in a good mood I must say!


  3. I love it how your bento is in a basket! Lovely! Is that mixed mushroom in the musubi?

    By the way, can you ask the mrs. whats the difference between musubi & onigiri??


    1. Cheers, my friend!
      There are small pieces of mushrooms, pork and seaweed in the rice.
      There is no real difference between musubi/結び and onigiri/お握り. the kanji are difeerent. Mususbi means “link”, while “onigiri” means hand-pressed. Musubi is usually used for large balls while onigiri is used for sushi, but it varies with regions. At a sushi restaurant you would say onigiri, while at home people refer to musubi for large balls of rice.


  4. Looks very delicious but what is exactly musubi?
    Do you mix the musubi AFTER we have cook the rice and before making the rice balls?
    Thank you.


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