Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2010/04/05)

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

Three Spring Seasonal Releases

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Although the calendar reads spring, a dreary end-of-winter kind of chilly grey gloom pervades. In the hope of coaxing the spring weather gods out of their slumber, we are releasing today three joyfully bright and sunny spring seasonal beers: Kiwi IPA, Black Velvet Dark Lager and Citrus Wheat Stout.

Kiwi IPA (ABV 7%): Hop agricultural has taken deep root in New Zealand over the past decade. Hop varieties from the kiwi country are, in our experience, quite distinct from those of both Europe and the United States. Kiwi IPA is our attempt to highlight the character of three varieties of New Zealand hops (Motueka, NZ Cascade and NZ Hallertau Aroma). We flavor- aroma- and dry-hop this brisk India Pale Ale exclusively with the aforementioned NZ varieties. The result, we think, is a deliciously complex IPA quite unlike any you have experienced before.
Black Velvet Dark Lager (ABV 5%): This is the Baird interpretation of a German-style Schwarzbier (a dark lager style noted for its smooth roundness and easy drinkability). Black Velvet Dark Lager was brewed way back in summer, 2009 and as the name suggests it drinks from the glass with a silky, velvet-like smoothness. This is a perfect beer with which to kick off an evening of slow and sociable imbibing.
Citrus Wheat Stout (ABV 6.5%): While we love recreating classic world beer styles, we also maintain a reverence for the stylistically irreverent. Citrus Wheat Stout is a prime example of reverentially irreverent brewing. This unusual Stout is wheat (not barley) based, hopped aggressively with citrus flavor varieties (Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo), and made more potently citrus with additions of freshly squeezed juice and shaved peels of the wonderful Japanese citrus fruit, Daidai. The flavor experience is beyond words — you simply must try it!
Kiwi IPA and Black Velvet Dark Lager are available both in kegs and bottles (633 ml). Citrus Wheat Stout is keg only and quantities are extremely limited.

Finally, congratulations are due to Yokota-san and his wife Kimi for the opening of their terrific new beer pub (Biiru no Yokota) ( in Shizuoka City (located right across from the city hall building). Yoko-chan, of course, was previously the manager of both our Fishmarket and Nakameguro Taprooms. His wonderful pub offers a great lineup of Baird Beer as well as other well-selected Japan and imported craft beer. Please plan on paying them a visit soon.


Bryan Baird
Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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One thought on “Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2010/04/05)”

  1. Hello Bryan and Company,
    Your Kiwi IPA sounds delicious …….wonder how it compares to a Pliny the Elder ???
    and BTW ………I’ve been friends with Rob Y. since we lived together in the Early 80’s in S.D. ……….Can’t wait to try some of your beers ‘here in the states’ Take care Jeff.


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