Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/25): Rainy Day Bento

After a great Sunday spent playing cricket (and losing a final, tears….), it was a bit of a “cold shower” this morning when we woke up with the rain battering the windows. Well, it’s Spring after all, and we need all that water for the great vegetables grown in this particular region of Japan!

This time the Missus chose the sturdier (and cheaper) cedar wood bento box and tried to include some colours to cheer me up!

She made a bed of plain steamed rice in the larger box and topped it with thin slices of chicken fired in teriyaki style sauce seasoned with roasted sesame nuts. In the middle she placed marinated soft-boiled eggs of her own fashion and her other specialty: yam/yama imo, hijiki/sweet seaweed, and lightly fried pimento Japanese salad. That for the stamina and vitamins!

For a better view of the eggs and and salad. The pic is a bit fuzzy as it was really dark this morning.

The chicken and the eggs, which prompted the Missus in calling this bento an “oyakodon”, Parent/chicken and Child/egg bento!

And then a dish of salad and dessert for more vitamins and fibers!

Fried shimeji mushrooms, boiled rapeseed/Na no Hana salad with sesame dressing and seeds, home-pickled sweet myoga ginger and boiled Okinawan baby corn!

Shizuoka Plum tomatoes and Chilean grapes for dessert!

The weather forecast is good for tomorrow. Whta’s in store for me then?

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/25): Rainy Day Bento”

  1. I love that bento box I was actually just talking the other day with a friend about starting a little collection. I’ve always been fascinated by it.


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