Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/27)

After a very hot Sunday (I mean in April) when we got sunburnt playing (and winning!) cricket, this morning’s cold rain called for another hearty traditional Japanese bento!
The Missus being on holiday today cooked for the two of us, which is always a plus! LOL

The pictures I took this morning were too fuzzy because of the prevalent darkness and I had to take new pictures at the office!
The Missus used that beautiful Aomori Prefecture cedar wood box again!

The rice had been left to soak overnight with water to which she had added musshrooms cooked beforehand and their juices (konbu seaweed was also included).
Having steamed it, she mixed the whole (the mushrooms were left on top of the rice while being steamed) and added boiled broad beans for colour, texture and fibers!

The “side dish” was quite elaborate and the Missus had some difficulties fitting everything in!

She shallow deep-fried two types of chicken sasami/chicken “tenderloins”, one with “white” sesame seeds, the other with black ones. She also fitted in some (boiled) green asparaguses and lettuce.

Tamagoyaki! Plain one, this ime!

Extra vegetables included fried red sweet pimentoes and violet sweet potatoes/beni imo!

For dessert she gave me sliced green kiwi fruit and a new type of lemon/orange recently grown in our prefecture.

It is a very small type of orange or lemon (I will have to check the name) remiscent of a Meyer lemon, but deep yellw. The skin is quite thin and very fragrant (the latter wil go into the bath!) and the flesh very sweet and juicy!

It was certainly gratifying and bigger than it looked!

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/27)”

  1. Oh my Gawd! Your wife must be one “Hell-acious” cook (as we say down south n the U.S.) These photos are incredible! I am wondering though….how filling is this?


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